An Angel's Feathers

An angel’s Purpose is seared into its halo at the moment of its creation. This Purpose is the sole reason for its existence, as all things must possess a Purpose for its existence. After all, could there be anything worse than a Purposeless existence?

Innumerable angels created by ???? all with innumerable Purposes, all fulfilling their reason for existence. Guardian angels, the most giving of all, angels that give those they protect an oh-so-beautiful feather from their oh-so-beautiful wings.

Each feather’s Purpose is a promise that binds the guardian angel to its charge. A guardian angel wrings itself dry to the very last drop of its heart for those in its charge. What could the angel ever ask for in return from its charges? Absolutely nothing, that would be unthinkable, analogous to spitting upon the Infinite Names and Faces of ????.

A guardian angel gives these feathers freely to all who it encounters, how could it not? It has so much love and energy within its heart to share. With each feather shared, another struggle to fight, another being to protect and love, another hole in the angel’s oh-so-beautiful wings, another decline in the angel’s flight.

How could the angel complain? This is its Purpose, its sole reason for existence. How could it ever ask for another angel’s feather? To do so would be to spit upon ????’s ability to Create perfect angels. No, it must give every last drop of its dry heart and every last feather from its formerly-oh-so-beautiful wings to all.