Doll String

“I am yours, and you are mine.” With these words hanging in the air, the Witch cut the final glowing string of Art that would complete her new doll. A new mind and body to love and cherish in equal measure. The doll opened its eyes, its smile spreading wider than the Witch thought possible as the two locked gazes.

This doll was not the only companion that the Witch loved and dwelled with in the humble yet cozy residence the Witch called a Home. No feelings of jealousy or anger towards these other companions found root within this doll, for how could they? It would be as if to ask these companions to never share in the sun’s gentle warmth or bask in the loving moonlight together. This doll simply loved its Witch when the two spent time together, and loved the others in the Home when sparks of mutual feelings caught fire. There was simply no room in the doll’s head nor heart for anything less fulfilling than that.